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Search Engine Optimization.

We integrate traditional SEO elements such as optimising SEO page titles, meta descriptions, headings and main text content. With innovative techniques such as adding schema mark-up to help keep your business at the forefront of your industry, on search engine such as google at all times.

Our services can either be as a one off basis, for example our popular starter SEO Internet Marketing package, ideal for new websites about to go live, or on a monthly basis for those who want regular management including the use of things such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram ads.

Starter SEO Internet Marketing Package

Our Starter SEO Internet Marketing package work takes place over 30 days and includes the following:

  • Google analytics, search console, my business, ads & optimisation as required
  • Keyword research
  • www.moz.com configuration: We use this online software to manage our clients
  • On page SEO recommendations
  • Conversion rate optimisation recommendations
  • Advice / research as required about your website: For example improving page speed if required

Once the initial work is complete, we can discuss next steps, as well as a regular monthly budget if required to help make your website a success.

We also offer a range of other SEO & Internet Marketing services either as a one off service or on a monthly basis, as required / appropriate, these include.

On Page SEO: We can optimise every page of your websites SEO page titles, meta descriptions, headings and main text content as well as add the appropriate schema code.

Link removal: We may find that some previously built links are hurting your sites SEO rank and need to be removed or disavowed using google search console.

Citation cleanup: We may find that some previously built citations (Mentions of your business, name and address) contain incorrect information & need to be updated with the correct information or removed altogether.

Pay Per Click Ad Configuration and Management: This enables your website to appear in the paid results on search engine such as Google as well a social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin + Instagram.

PR Link Building: We can contact relevant websites asking them to link to your website, this helps SEO rank and can also send referral visits to your site.

PR Link Earning: We can add new content to your website, for example a blog post, to try and earn links from other relevant websites as it is a good resource / reference about the topic. This helps SEO rank and can also send referral visits to your site.

Content Marketing: We can add new content to your site in the form of a blog post, article or latest news, this can send new links and referral visits to your site.

Pay Per Click Content Marketing: This enables links to your websites content to appear in the paid results on websites such as newspapers and magazines.

Copywriting: This can include blog post, latest news and article writing to be posted on your own website and external sites, as well as editing your existing content to improve readability, conversion rate optimisation and SEO rank.

Social Media Configuration and Optimisation: We can help you get started on sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram in ways which also help your websites SEO performance.

Implementation + configuration of Google Analytics, search console, my business & webmaster tools: This enables you to keep track of all visits to your website and ensures your website is properly indexed by the search engines and the website brand name search looks good.

Local SEO: Enables your site to appear in the Google Maps and / or local organic search results using Google my business, places optimisation and citation clean up and building.

Training and Consultancy: You may have the staff + time in house, but not the knowledge, we can provide training and advice for you to implement in house, by e mail and Skype, for any of the services we offer.

Project Management: This can encompass many of the services above and if you choose to use our website design services as well, we can co-ordinate between design, development, SEO, copy writing, etc – to ensure that all runs smoothly during the development and launch of your website.

Please contact us for our latest availability and prices for any of the above services you require, we look forward to hopefully working with you soon.

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